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A Private Investigation and Legal Process Company

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Las Vegas  Metro Area   
    Flat Rates for Local and Out of State               Call for Pricing      

Expedited Service (Same Day up to 5 days)        Additional $25.00

Outside of the Las Vegas Metro Area                       Call for Pricing

We Offer Services In All 50 States                           Call for Pricing

Affidavit of Due Diligence:                            No Additional Charge

Bad Address Less Than 30 Days:                 No Charge for Attempt

Multiple Attempts up to 4 attempts:               No Additional Charge

Mileage in the Las Vegas Metro Area:           No Additional Charge

Landlord/Tenant Services:                                        Call for Pricing
(Notices and Eviction Process. Prices are available
upon request due to the location of property and court fee's.)

Investigation:                                                             Call for Pricing
(PSI provides confidential and professional investigative
services. Prices are available upon request due to the requirements
of each case.)