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PSI Provides many types of investigative work to our clients. These include:

Locate Searches: These searches provide possible Name, Address, and Phone Numbers of the subject to be located.

Asset Searches: Location of creditor assets can be an important factor while deciding if filing a lawsuit is productive. Please remember location of Bank Accounts and balances is a difficult task, and can take some time to accomplish.

Surveillance: Physical surveillance of persons or activities in the Clark County, Nevada area are conducted for Clients who require this unique service. A verbal or written report may be tendered at the completion of the surveillance. Surveillance is used in Criminal Cases, Child Support Cases, Domestic Cases, or any time the Physical activities of an individual or group of person is desirable Photographic and Videotaping services are also available.

Accident Investigation: Interview of witnesses, Locating witnesses, and data search services are provided during the Investigation of an Accident. Photographic services and accident reconstruction services are also available.

Criminal Defense: Services are provided to help your Attorney with your defense if you are accused of a crime. Many times information provided by an independent Investigator can provide a clear look at the real manner in which a crime took place and who is the guilty parties.

Expert Witness: Our staff contains members who have been admitted as expert witness in the areas of Industrial Security, Hotel and Casino Security, Aviation (Aircraft maintenance and flight) and Motorcycle Accident.



(Process Servers, Inc. provides help with the procedural requirements of the courts but is not a Law Office and is forbidden by law to give legal advice.)