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1.                  Domestic Investigations

a.       Infidelity Investigations

 10 Signs of Cheating

·        Working a lot of overtime

·        Excessive use of the internet

·        Unaccountable or odd hours

·        Hiding phone bills or charge card bills

·        Saying “It’s your imagination”

·        Receiving “Hang up” phone calls

·        Spouse disinterested in sex

·        Not wearing a wedding ring

·        Being told your spouse needs “space”

·        Strange behavior and hiding things such as  clothing and personal items


b.      GPS Trackers

In many investigations it is only necessary to know where the subject has been to know if they are seeing another person outside of the marriage.  By use of a “Tracker” you will know where your spouse has been all week without the expense of having an investigator following your spouse.


Trackers can be used for any investigation which requires “moving surveillance” of a subject.  It will tell the investigator where the subject is in the event traffic, traffic signals, or actions by the subject make close “tail” impossible.


c.       Child Abuse Investigations

These investigations are designed to determine if a parent is abusing or mistreating a child while in their custody.  Many time divorce couples have disagreements which affect the children.  One parent may believe that the other parent is mistreating a child or step child but are unable to prove this allegation in court.  Testimony by an investigator carries weight due to proof provided by photo or video tape of the parent’s behavior.


d.      Spouse Abuse Investigations

In many cases intervention by police is hampered due to the nature of Domestic Abuse. In the short term it is difficult for police to determine who is the abused and who is doing the abusing. The police are hampered by the fact that many domestic disagreements fall into the “Civil” area of the law Therefore it is difficult for police to collect the facts for use by the court during the separation and divorce process since they do not testify in hearings of this type.


e.       Marital Asset Investigations

Many times during a divorce or separation one party lies about the source of their income and/or the amount of income or the assets they hold.  This is especially true when one party owns property in their name only. An in-depth investigation of assets which are hidden or have been liquidated in an attempt to hide those assets can provide an accurate accounting for proper allocation of marital assets.


f.        Child Custody Investigations

In cases of custody of minor children it can be difficult or in some cases impossible for a parent to prove that the other parent can not provide a suitable home for minor children.  In cases like these the services of an investigator is priceless.  An investigator can watch and record the actives of the parent in question without the knowledge of the subject.