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A Private Investigation and Legal Process Company

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                            Company Information

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to PSI.  We hold Nevada State License No. 174 to do Process Service and Private Investigations. PSI has been operating in the Las Vegas area since 1962. We believe service to you is our most important product. We inform you when service has been completed by calling your designated contact person and informing them of job completion. An affidavit of service follows by messenger. When there is an address that is bad, or we are unable to serve due to address change, we notify you immediately and can provide services that will help you locate the person to be served. At PSI there is no hidden costs. PSI provides investigative services upon request. We can complete Asset Searches, Locate Searches as well as Criminal Investigations and Confidential Domestic Investigations.

PSI provides photo and video surveillance and has the ability to provide still photographs from video for your use. PSI accesses extensive database services for searches and investigations. We can provide a national profile on a subject in order for you to have the most up-to-the-minute information.

PSI's General Manager and Licensee has been accepted as a Security Expert Witness in cases pertaining to Hotel and Casino Security as well as Site and Commercial Security. Mr. Druckman has also testified as an Expert Witness in Accident Investigations.



(Process Servers, Inc. provides help with the procedural requirements of the courts but is not a Law Office and is forbidden by law to give legal advice.)